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About Ed and Rita

Nature and wildlife photography is my passion and we travel a lot trough Africa where we had our own safari company. As a former safari tour guide I love the bush and there is nothing better than trekking trough Africa with your own 4x4 car and a couple of camera's.

Together with my wife, my first ever girlfriend and now married for over 25 years, we like photography, we sleep in our little tent between the lions and enjoy our campfire cooking. Besides that we also travel a lot trough Europe to discover the beauty of nature.

I am a professional masseur and have a great hart for every living animal. Photography of animals and nature is my passion and my moto is: follow your dreams, they know the way.

Entrepreneurship and challenges are the driving forces in my life. Activities come and go, and currently I am owner of Cameraland and Redged. Wildlife photography is my real passion and there's nothing better in the world then to make that one special shot.

About Cameraland.
A photography shop that has grown to be one of the largest shops in the Netherlands and is very well known. What started as a vision – a photography store with almost everything on stock – , has become reality and proves to be a formula for success. Cameraland is now known for its overwhelming stockpile en pleasant service. All salespeople have their own specialization and therefore the know-how is top-notch.Cameraland is one of the biggest camerashops in the Netherlands and specialized in camera's and gear. We have a huge second hand department and we all love photography.

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