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Used gear

Here's a glimp of my used gear,

off course all the stuff comes from my own shop Cameraland and the tripods from Redged.

Watch the video of Cameraland or the Redged brand movie to get an idea of my company's.

Canon Eos 5D mark III  /  Canon 1D mark IV

Canon EF 24-70/2.8  L II USM  /  Canon EF 70-200/2.8 L II USM  /  Canon EF 300/2.8 L I USM

Canon EF 2.0X III N Extender  /  Canon EF tube 25 mm II  /  Canon 580 EX II Flash

Sony RX 100 mark II

Panasonic  GX-7  /  Panasonic 12-32/3.5-5.6  /  Panasonic 100-300/4.0-5.6 FS

Redged TSA-322 macro tripod  /  Redged TSC-531  /  Redged TSC-434

Redged RNB-0n  /  Redged RNB-360  /  Redged RGC-4 Gimbal head

Redged RMC-531

Clik Elite pro express black  /  Clik Elite pro express grey  /  Clik Elite traveler black

B&W ND 1000x filter  /  Rodenstock digital pro cir-polarizing filter  /  Stealth Gear filterset

Hahnel HRC 280 remote  /  Visible dust arctic butterfly SL 788

Garmin Nuvi 2797 LM  /  Garmin Nuvi 500  /  Garmin 60 CSx

Swarovski CL 8x30  /  Zeiss Victory HT 10x42


A photography shop that has grown to be one of the four largest shops in the Netherlands and is very well known. What started as a vision – a photography store with almost everything on stock – , has become reality and proves to be a formula for success. Cameraland is now known for its overwhelming stockpile en pleasant service. All salespeople have their own specialization and therefore the know-how is top-notch.

The team….
The Cameraland team now consists of 17 people, busy in front and behind the scenes. We welcome a new employee every 6 months because of the strong growth of the company. Finding the right people is a problem, especially sales people with enough know-how (with a capital K) to satisfy our demanding clients. Because of the very busy Fridays and Saturdays the waiting time for clients can grow to 30 minutes or more, but we don’t make any concessions. Every client needs to get the right advice.

We are proud….
We are proud of our company. The business vision we have works very well, and we build a great company with a loyal group of employees. We are proud that people from all over the Netherlands take the trouble to come to our shop because of our reputation for service, quality and broad range of products. We will continue to build on that reputation and considering our plans for expansion we soon will be the best photography store in the Netherlands. We will continue to extend our already vast range of products, provide more information on our web sites and the in-store demonstration days will increase in number. Please come to our store and experience it yourself. (Coffee is ready)

Our service ….
Thankfully we have a lot of satisfied customers and there are few problems because of our clear answers and sales methods. We don’t “advise” to buy, we limit ourselves to explaining differences. The customer makes his or her own decision, and this works best for all of us. If any problems occur we solve them quickly, but our strength lies in prevention of problems by being as straight forward as possible.

The range of DSLR’s ....
The largest stock of photographic equipment of “Noord Holland” and beyond. Our motto is simple, if it exists, we want it on stock. This means we have almost all DSLR camera’s in our shop, including lenses, flashes and accessories. Our website shows current stock.

The studio equipment ....
We have a lot of variety in studio equipment. If its a starter set for portraits or an extended product photography studio, we have practically everything on stock. Three of our employees have experience as a studio photographer and can give excellent advice. We have our own stand on the “Zoom Experience” fair in Utrecht, and organise our own workshops and training. Of course you can order our studio equipment online. Shipping costs for larger equipment is EUR 19,95.

Binoculars and telescopes ....
We have at least three of the top brands on stock, 45 different telescopes and 200 binoculars, something other shops can’t match. We have plenty of knowledge on telescopes and binoculars and receive regulars training from Swarovski, Zeiss and Leica. One of our employees had his own safari agency and is guide for birdwatching trips. All the binoculars and telescopes are ready to try in our shop, and every year we have our own binocular show in Castricum, the largest in the Netherlands.

What else? ....
200 different camera bags, 95 different backpacks, 250 tripods, 60 books, 20 video camera’s and a large range of gadgets and accessories. Just look at our site or visit our small but stocked store.

Everything under our own management ....
At Cameraland we used to do everything ourselves from the start. We build and maintain our own website, and we design all advertisements in house.If you see a abner on the site, an advertisement in a photography magazine, a roadside billboard or our own 28 page full-color brochure, its all made by us.

Watch the video to get an idea about our shop.

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